Object Lesson #1

Whenever my mum visited the grocery or pharmacy,
I went along,
Only to head directly to the magazine stand.
I crouched on 
the stacks and perused the tomes
while she did the shopping.
At some point,
I got the Nerve and Had the Cash,
to purchase, for myself, a copy of Architectural Digest magazine,
and I suppose it came out of the blue....
We were at the chemist,
recently partnered and newly known as a Drug Store,
and while neither of us could make heads or tails of that,
I could tell my mother Really didn't quite know what to make of my purchase.
It cost $5.95, which was a lot of money,
 especially then,
 especially for a 10 year old.
I'm still not sure what came over me,
 some sudden breath of independence and statement.
I took it home and savored it.
But, the only thing I remember in Detail about that issue
is this photo of Pauline de Rothschild.
in suede everything,
looking absolutely glorious at the bottom of her fabulous stairs.

I had no clue who she was, really.
Years later, I saw this other photo and lost my heart.

Saw a soul that was me in another body,
one so lucky enough to live a life of dreams,
and Eventually, I realized these two women were the same.
So, Pauline Potter,
 who married to become Pauline de Rothschild is this woman.
Her attention to detail and degree of perfection slayed everyone,
even Cecil Beaton,
aka Rip-Van-With-It,
who saw and done it All.
This recent article in the World of Interiors,
shot by Horst in the 60's,
still looks fresh
and offers alternative views of this small, miraculous, wondrous 4 room apartment in Paris,
her private quarters.