April 2014 Cover
Feature Story
Atlanta designer Melanie Turner's Rosemary Beach project
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Styling:  Thea Beasley


July 2014 Cover 
and Feature story
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Styling: Thea Beasley


Sunday Morning Eye Candy.....

A film to commemorate
"Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!'



In the Asylum

"Nurturing, sarcastic, and lethal if double-crossed.....
Nothing seemed to faze her. She had worked in display for years,
 and she'd seen it all:  the booze, the dope, the tinsel,
 the laughter, the glue-gun burns and the fairy-light electrocutions."

.......could just as well be the description of a day in my life!

Home from a fabulous Coastal sojourn,
I awoke with the scratchings of a sore throat.
I know it's still warm and sunny, 
but technically it is Autumn and my body responds
to seasonal concepts 
instead of the actual weather,
Which is why it would do me no good to live in L.A.,
but that's another storey.

In my mail upon return,
I was be-gifted by the lovely Pamela,

He is the genius agent provocateur with humour,
fashion sprite with a bit of a bite!
He's FAB!

So, bed bound,
I delved in and by page 14,
I was in hysterics!


How could you not want this man to be your best friend? !!


Theme Song for this Weekend....

Coastal South
My Old Stomping Ground....

Brine smells like childhood.

Beachy radio played this
it just felt So Right.
Carly still Rules.
James still Cute.
Music's still good.

Loving the
Vodka Tonics
Bike rides
Good Friends
Magazine Shoots
New Friends

Turn it Up 



This is Grand........

by Karl
Deauville summer


Rauwolf video for Barney's

is an amazing line of plexiglass and mirror clutches,
designed by
Kristine Johannes.
I recently had the honour and pleasure to
do some work with her
on this video

Though I've posted a few styling photos
we've done before,
This is so amazing as it captures Kristine's
grace and intelligence
and her creative process as she works in her studio.
She is so stunningly cool, 
and her bags incredibly
futuristic and timeless at the same time.
I think they are the 
New Classics!


Inspiring me today....
 Well, elephants, Always, for some odd reason.
And ladders.
A ladder to an elephant?
Cannot get better!
Oh, and umbrellas!
So a photo with all three is remarkable!
 Ditto for flamingos.
My 4th grade ornithology report was a life sized one
rendered in papier mache.
Blue Wings

Dressed Santos at De Vera 
De Vera has a fantastic book, produced and printed in house.