Friday, July 18, 2014

Solaces of Summer

 I look up and it's near to half way done, Summer,
my least favourite of season
Except then I realize that is a lie,
as here in the South, 
Summer can last until mid/late October,
and I've had Thanksgiving dinners in short sleeves.
Though, I've been busy,
 so it's been a bit of a blur,
until the last week or so, 
and I began casting about for diversions.....


Spied a poster, remembered a conversation from months' prior, 
and tucked into a cinema one warm afternoon last week in NY.
It was ordered on Amazon before I left the joint.
It's wonderfully romantic, the above dance scene to die for.
Car cruising like in high school,
Dialogue like shorthand with a soulmate. 
If you have a heart,
 a quirky sense of humour,
 any romance to your soul,
I recommend it....


I'm quite  fond on Dandy's,
don't know enough of them.
I settle for BSL most days
(Business Suit Lust)
though it's hardly rewarded with men these day not knowing their tux from their tails.
These Gents,
on the other hand,
Best forward I've read in awhile by

Treasure hunting is still to be had....
Teacups, and Viola cases, and Spy Glasses and such
corralled in acres upon acres upon acres
somewhere (where was I?) in Massachusetts!
Treasure in my case... a delightful frock,
 Larry Aldrich, circa 1968,
sure to rock some autumnal fete.

Friday, July 4, 2014

April 2014 Cover
Feature Story
designer Melanie Turner's
Rosemary Beach project

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Styling:  Thea Beasley

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sorry, so Out of the Loop......

Need to Catch up on Posts
Current Work

This just in

Fantastic Home, Owner,
and Designer.
Loved their Chemistry.

Styling: Thea Beasley

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gobsmacked by news that Peter O'Toole has died.
He is 
MY Be All/End All
 example of Men.
Fantastically Articulated
in physique, cadence, and speech....
That Voice!
The inflection of even the most seemingly innocent phrase
was charming and seductive.
I've never had a hankering to meet a celebrity,
 yet somehow thought he and I would
share mind space if we ever did
Cannot  quite fathom that he is gone.
Haven't quite reckoned with the World in this space just yet......

Saturday, November 16, 2013

One KIng's Lane

How fun!
Catching up on blogs and shopping,
I stumbled across my own dressing room
on One King's Lane!