May I Introduce Iris Schwartz.....

Iris, is a wonderful artist, that I discovered a couple months ago (I have found myself more and more drawn to illustration as of late). I have purchased one of her exquistite, and INSANELY reasonably priced monoprints, and have recommended her to several friends, who have purchased as well. 
I have spoken to her about a interview in future, but until, I could not wait to introduce her to you.
She creates a drawing that she exhibits on ETSY each Sunday. Each is done in a series of 7 monprints, and each of the 7 monoprints sells for $7. each!
Is she not beyond brilliant??
The art arrives so beautifully packaged, with sweet, extra visual bonuses in the envelope.
It is akin to unwrapping a jewel.
Her creations are whimsical, poetic, dreamy, devine......
Please visit here, and tell me what you think, .....http://pauletteedition.blogspot.com/