Sleep and Eat.....

 The whales lulled me again....
 (Fab New App on iPhone, called Nature Sounds... 
the whale noises make me sleep for 10 hours!),
 and I awoke to peruse Amazon, 
and remembered "The Hunger", 
a film with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie,
 an "art" film I recall seeing on HBO at 2 a.m., back in the early 80's, as you know nothing that edgy would ever come to south Georgia.
 Cannot say it is the best film of all time, but certain images, curtains billowing, have always stayed with me.
So, that is my Saturday morning..... I have to take breaks.... Bowie with dark hair, but it seems to go back blonde before falling out...
 BauHaus singing...
 I recommend.

 Oh, I am suddenly recalling the good things about the 80's 
(despite all that shoulder pad madness).... 
   Nastassja Kinski, 
music from England,
 being able to wear a style known to another time and being deemed au courant, instead of a freak.
 The communication of the world was so small compared to now,
 but it was opening up in cracks,
 and I searched for NME (New Musical Express), 
a mag I only found ever so rarely, at some newsstand in Savannah,
 snippets of news from Trash and Vaudeville in NY
 (then, the epitome of cutting edge fashion),
 scoured Vogue and People (!!) for tidbits of inspiration that there was a larger world out there,
 where people were living grand lives.
Compared to now, it seems so rudimentary, but it also inspires me to get off my bored and boring duff, and seek out the new.
I was seemingly more motivated then to discover than I am, some days now, with all that is at my fingertips,
Go see "Midnight in Paris". I'm not normally a Woody Allen fan, but this is charming, and it stars Paris, and allows us the luxury of visiting a past time we idealize.
 I'm going back to this other movie, The Hunger.... 
poor Bowie has turned old,
 the curtains still billow, 
Deneuve is a fantastic rich oddity in NY,
 surmising the scene for her next companion....
ah, vampires.....!