What to wear for the holidays....

A Hat?
Good for shopping days.
image from
hat from
 I have one, in black that I adore.........
 I've never received 
so many smiles and compliments
as when I wear it!

a Crown and some Wings?

 favourite photos from
proving a girl can be a fairy princess at any age!

or basic black and a fur throw...
I like this for the
"I've just dropped by the party"
I used to wear my hair just like this....
Maybe a fringe is in order?
Now that I'm wearing glasses, this might be my New Look?
(Apologies, no clue where this  photo is from.)

a ballgown....
really festive!
Might be good for the church activities.
I have a major one
the day after Epiphany
(January 7)
dress by Christian Lacroix

it's a quandry!
Le Vestiaire de Jeanne

what are you wearing special for the Holidays?