Mental Health Day....

It's Gloriously Cooler 
(89 as compared to 99),
and I have decided to luxuriate and loaf!

The morning's distractions.......

which I never knew of until last week when a dear friend told me of them
(where have I been?)
This one featuring Bill Nighy ensnared me.
His voice.... the timbre, inflection, cadence,
all cut glass and seduction.
He's highly interesting!
(and well, any man who endorses James Brown is a little bit of all right in my book).

Which led me to watch, yet again,
More Bill, plus Emma and Liam, Hugh et al,
and a welcome reminder that love is all around
and as vt reminds me, All you Need.

Which got me here,
Helen's genius blog,
and her lists of things to read/do/know for this week.

And then here,
for some elucidation,
until finally,
no longer able to resist it,
 I succumbed to this,

Happy Sunday!!!