In the Asylum

"Nurturing, sarcastic, and lethal if double-crossed.....
Nothing seemed to faze her. She had worked in display for years,
 and she'd seen it all:  the booze, the dope, the tinsel,
 the laughter, the glue-gun burns and the fairy-light electrocutions."

.......could just as well be the description of a day in my life!

Home from a fabulous Coastal sojourn,
I awoke with the scratchings of a sore throat.
I know it's still warm and sunny, 
but technically it is Autumn and my body responds
to seasonal concepts 
instead of the actual weather,
Which is why it would do me no good to live in L.A.,
but that's another storey.

In my mail upon return,
I was be-gifted by the lovely Pamela,

He is the genius agent provocateur with humour,
fashion sprite with a bit of a bite!
He's FAB!

So, bed bound,
I delved in and by page 14,
I was in hysterics!


How could you not want this man to be your best friend? !!