Sending wishes for a most Wonderful Big Rabbit and Egg day tomorrow.... For several years, I was fortunate to spend Easter at the most wonderful home on Pawley's Island, South Carolina, belonging to the parents of a friend of mine. The amount of food was massive, (the MEN were up all night ROASTING SOMETHING), the consumption of alcohol excessive (imagine the shock of being greeted at the door at 8 a.m. with a tray of Bloodies....), the conversation absolutely glorious!   The OFFICIAL EGG HUNT was NOT FOR CHILDREN, or SISSIES....The veteran guests were ruthless, all elbows in the ribs and sly kicks at the ankle to trip the innocents. One guest who had been there before used the phrase "you can run with the big dogs or sit on the porch and watch", and I understood her wisdom after I naively joined the first hunt. From then on, I annually enjoyed the food, and drink, the view and afternoon boat ride through the marsh. But, I do go down in their family history as the one guest who required a NAP. I conked out on one of the sun porches, and was eventually awoken by a platoon of male cousins on expedition to locate the rare, unknown, to their genetic configuration... Lightweight ! I groggily came to, to find a bevy of handsome young men, somewhat even tighter than me, yet still adorable, decked out with butterfly nets, flash lights, rope............... Up I got, off we went, the conversation ever better. Came home to so much champagne chilled in an ice laden claw-footed tub. We girl's all wrapped up in Granny's old furs (found in a forgotten closet), sat on the dock. luxuriating in the day, in Easter, in friends, glorious excessive delight, in life ! Most happy wishes to each of you!!!