an Embarassment of Riches..........

I adore Winter
and we've not had enough of it to suit me.
it appears Spring is here.
I'll still revel a cold snap,
should one come.
I'm drawn to images of flora and fauna right now.

Stumbled upon this lovely blog today
belonging to Claudia Hohlweg.

I like the movement in her photos.
Discovered her via my sweet blog friend, Dietlind's blog,
a girl who knows well how to flatter a bloom.

Which reminded me of 
 true abundance of riches,
The brillance that is Li Edelkoort,
and her expression of new, now, and trend through nature.

My outside is not quite this Brillant just yet,
and I will fuss and fret the first minute the Heat begins.
But, I do love seeing the buds and blooms,
nature's renewal,
and bounty.