Miss Adrian......
She was a neighbor to me, through some mutual friends, when I worked in Florida a few years ago.
Yes, of course, she was Donna Summer!!, but then she sat down to lunch, we futzed over the chemicals in Diet Coke, split the salad, she showed me photos of her grandchildren.
We watched for sea turtles in this remote area we were in, watched the moon, had impromptu, casual dinners at her house. She was just a lovely regular neighbor lady who lived next door. Yes, she did occasionally break out into a spontaneous song so clear and pure that it would take your breath away, seriously give you chills, mostly gospel... she was highly spiritual, a family soul, lived for her girls, had the loveliest loving husband.
She came the Christmas eve I was there, to the mutual friend's house and launched into a spontaneous rap so hilarious, so brilliant, we all, damn gobsmacked fell on the floor in laughter and absolute amazement at her genius, but mostly her good heart.
It seems not long ago, and too short a time to hear cancer befell her and took her away.